ICOC Practitioners

ICOC qualified individuals have the following qualifications and experience:

  • Mental Health and First Aid certification (3 years)
  • Anti-Sexual Harassment training
  • Bystander Intervention training
  • Course and training equivalent of The ICOC Approach
  • Cultural Bias training
  • Anti-Racism training
  • Justice,Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Training


Intimacy Coordinators of Color highly recommends the professionals on our list. They in no way pay ICOC for any connections to the industry or  mentorship. The individuals listed are not employed by ICOC, but we believe in what they provide to the industry.

Kirsten Baity (they/them)

Consensual Intimacy, Sexual Violence, LGBTQIA+ Intimacy, Cultural Competency Specialist, Working with Minors

Meet Kirsten

Sherronda Johnson (she / her) 

Consensual Intimacy, Sexual Violence, Working With Minors

Meet Sherronda

Camille Monae (she/her)

Consensual Intimacy, Sexual Violence 

Meet Camille

Parnia 'Nyx' Ayari (all pronouns accepted)

Consensual Intimacy, Sexual Violence, Polyamory/Non Monogamy, Black & MENA + intimacy

Meet Parnia

Adi Cabral (they/them)

Consensual Intimacy, LGBTQIA+ Intimacy, Fetishes/BDSM

Meet Adi

Joy DeMichelle (she/her)

Consensual Intimacy, Working with Minors, Race Based Trauma, Black American Culture

Meet Joy

Janeline Hayes (she/her)

Consensual Intimacy

Meet Janeline

Chelsey Morgan (they/them)

Consensual Intimacy, Sexual Violence, Cultural Competency Specialist, LGBTQIA+ Intimacy, Fetishes/BDSM, Non-monogamy

Meet Chelsey

Denise Khumalo (she/her)

Consensual Intimacy, LGBTQIA+ Intimacy

Meet Denise

Rachel Finley (she/her)

Consensual Intimacy, Sexual Violence, Working with Minors

Meet Rachel

Antonio Miniño  (they/them)

Consensual Intimacy, LGBTQIA+ Intimacy, Conscious Dramaturgy, Sensitivity Specialist

Meet Antonio